Hayleys Healthcare
Hayleys Healthcare
Hayleys Healthcare
Hayleys Healthcare has been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 40 years, striving to improve the quality of life through prescription medicines and consumer health care. Partnering with reputed organisations in the pharmaceutical industry, Hayleys Healthcare is currently the sole distributor of Blue Cross Pharmaceuticals and and 3M first aid dressing.
areas of therapeutic segment:

  • Anti Infective (Infectious Diseases)
  • Anti Histamine (Allergy)
  • Anti Cholesterol & Triglyceride (Cardiovascular / Cerebrovascular Diseases)
  • Ant Diabetic (Diabetes)
  • Anti Tussive & Expectorant (Respiratory Diseases)
  • Non Narcotic analgesics (Pain Management)
  • Anti Hypertensive (Cerebrovascular Diseases)
  • Anti Angina / Myocardial Infarction (Cardiovascular Diseases)
  • Vitamins (Food supplements)
Products we import
  • Bluemox 250 ml /P
  • Blucef 250/P
  • TusqX
  • Lek 500mg
  • Liponorn
  • Ekon-DT
  • WormiBAN
  • Meftal - P/Meftal - P suspention
  • Meftal 500
  • Woods cough syrup
  • Equal low calorie sweetener
  • Bayer Gluco Meter